September 11, 2017

My Seeking Alpha Comment

Kinda happy with this one...

Been buying Mickie D's monthly for over 25 years, via the automatic investment plan. Our first shares were a gift from Fred & Patti Turner, who were really exceptional people and close family friends. Fred Turner really steered McD well, and Easterbrook is doing the same.
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Whoa - let's not go comparing the current CEO with Fred Turner. Fred built a company on customer care and convenience (QSC). This new guy is an accountant who's running the company for the shareholders. He and the know-nothing guy he has running the USA business are making some huge operational mistakes that will potentially drag down transactions and same store sales.
Give Fred his due - he and Ray built something great - this new guy is just strip mining it.
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Anonymous said...

Spot on DA !!!!

Anonymous said...

Easterbrook couldnt hold Fred Turners jock !! And Don Thompson was a TOTAL FAILURE.