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September 26, 2017

Is McDonald's Corp. Running Out Of People?

Less than a month ago Oak Brook's Pajama Boy sent out an E-mail listing a number of "retirements" by long term corporate employees. Among the retirees was a Jeff Wilfong 
from the Northwest Region.

This week the word is out that the same Jeff Wilfong will be the new GM in Raleigh. 

If McDonald's has any kind of bench why would they need to cancel someone's retirement 
to staff a VP position?

Downsizing is tricky, sometimes you go too far. Especially when you know so 
little about 
the business you're downsizing.


Anonymous said...

I believe this move may have been calculated. Debbie stroud was under fire for years of underperforming. According to someone on opnad she also was blamed for “non uniform” product across the market with regards to the chicken tender test. Rumor is she was on a performance improvement plan. Regardless she now will be head of Operations for Starbucks on the east coast.

Anonymous said...

To above. You miss the point. Stroud may very well have been let go,performance improvement, etc. But it still does not explain why they had to bring a RETIREE out of retirement to fill her position. That seems to indicate that the McD bench is VERY WEAK,with no one promotable. I believe that was DA's point!

PS - I would hesitate to believe the rumors, Stroud won a Presidents Award just a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned they need to cut the entrenched bureaucracy by another 20%. There are so many long term people that are only interested in holding on to their job's that they won't make a decision on anything. Anyone who knows anything about the sociology of large organizations knows that once an entrenched bureaucracy takes hold that they take care of the bureaucracy first. This has held the company back for years and they are fighting to protect each other. Of course, they promote idiots before they are ready to be promoted for reasons known only to god. I think they could use operator committee's much more effectively.

Anonymous said...

Worked with her for six years. She was pro-operator and had common sense. Probably why she was canned.

Modern & Progressive

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, we still DO NOT have OPERATOR representation on the Board of Directors.

Anonymous said...

There are more than plenty people capable of accepting positions of top leadership within McDonald's. The problem?? They all work for franchisee owner operators. They pay much better and they do not have to play politics like they have to do in the corporation. I work with one of the larger operators in xxxxxxxxxxxx and any one of the mid managers or director could easily take a top leadership position in the xxxxxxxx region and be successful.