September 6, 2017

MCD Operators Advertising $$$ Built the McCafe Brand

McDonald's McCafe Bottled Drinks Headed to Supermarket Shelves


Anonymous said...

Are the supermarket profits going to be reinvested in the stores???

Anonymous said...

McD should have AT LEAST paid the full $11k-$13k we had to pay per store to buy the NEW McCafe machines.NOT MY PARTNER.

Anonymous said...

Where were you guys when they put McCafe/Kraft Keurig cups in grocery stores back in 2014? No one said a word.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was a manager or supervisor at the time.

I remember owners being pacified and were led to believe that money made would be distributed- most assumed a check or something. NOBODY thought we'd be lucky evough to get a "credit" IF we bought another machine with zero ROI for many. I seem to remember some caveat- there was a day we'd get all we were due and THATS IT. I guess that a new machine to replace the other failure was IT. McD's keeps the rest from now on- on a brand that WE PAID FOR. I hope I'm wrong but I think that's all we will ever see.

I remember someone I know spending $85k-$100k+ to put in McCafe cells. Couldn't GIVE the stuff away. Sold 15/day, I think less.

Anonymous said...

I have been involved in this great business for almost 50 years,
the company executives have never been less respectful to their franchisees.

Hopefully the "desire" for change/improvement will soon replace the operators fear of
personal attacks from the company.