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September 23, 2017

McNews From Small Town Iowa

This article caught my eye because:

* Growing up in Sioux Falls SD I had family in several of the towns mentioned here.

* The selling Operator, Steve Jackson, and I did our time in MCOPCO and Field Service
   at the same time in what was then the San Diego Region.

* The buyer says they were "selected" to buy Jackson's stores. I presume that means 
   "selected" by McDonald's Corp. 

Whatever happened to putting stores on the open market, competition, negotiations ???

Local News: ‘This is going to be our home base’


Anonymous said...

In case anyone isn’t aware, “selected”is EXACTLY what is happening. Has been for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Obviously a Kool Aid drinking operator if he didn't put it on the open market. I wonder how much he unknowing invested in EOTF while trying to avoid it, not putting it out there.