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July 26, 2017

Updated WSJ Coverage on MCD Q2 Results

This is what you get when you let people who've never operated a restaurant run a 
major restaurant company.

McDonald's CEO says, "McDonald's speed of service has been declining ..... but order accuracy and quality perception scores have improved, he said, adding that he hopes
the self-order kiosks and mobile-order and pay app will shave seconds off order times."

McDonald's Sales Show Improvement

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Anonymous said...

I have this from a senior McD officer who has recently retired. They remarked "Easterbrook is purging the company of EVERYONE who has ever served with Ray Kroc, Fred Turner, Ed Rensi, Mike Quinlan, etc." These folks are called legacies, and Easterbrook needs to eliminate them to (he thinks)reach his "modern and progressive" goals. By the way, this also applies to "Legacy Operators". Interesting strategy to purge anyone who might possibly disagree with you to reach your goals..........Modern & Progressive (sigh)