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July 7, 2017

Fast Food Makes Its Biggest Change Since The Drive-Thru

"Commissions paid to third-party delivery services risk degrading margins, so restaurants need to watch their delivery sales trends to justify the hit,"

"Delivery fees also raise costs for consumers. A McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese meal, with a medium Coke and fries, delivered via UberEats to IBD's Los Angeles office from the Marina del Rey area takes an estimated 20 to 30 minutes. A $4.99 "booking fee" is tacked on to the food charge of $6.89 and 60 cents in taxes, bringing the total cost to $12.48."

Investor's Business Daily reports on McDelivery


Anonymous said...

We also pay Uber a 15% commission fee, and pay MCD a full rent and service fee. This GUARANTEES a loss on the sale (We dont make 15% bottom line profit). Its a great deal for MCD and Uber, but a poor deal for the consumer, and a terrible money losing deal for the Operator . And remember, the Operator even pays Rent & Service fees on the UBER commission !! With 30 minute delivery times,our fries are old and cold. This will create a impression in the consumer of poor MCD quality which will carry over to the instore and drive thru experience in the mind of consumers ! WE LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

$6.89 for a QPC EVM???? WOW, I need to raise my prices !!!!!