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July 27, 2017

Safety Top Priority in McDonald's Fresh-Beef Push

And yet he's getting rid of everyone with real restaurant experience.

McDonald's CEO Says Safety Top Priority in Fresh-Beef Push


Anonymous said...

We used fresh beef from our founding up until the early seventies. No reason it cant work now. The fly in the ointment will be the substandard McD down the road that gets a customer(s) sick and (like Chipolte)the "halo effect" tarnishes all McDs.

Anonymous said...

And "food safety" McDonald's style is mostly petty, nearly impossible to get 100% right and isn't designed to protect customers.

It's designed as a powerful and arbirilarily enforced tool to be used against owners who they don't like.

Failed? If you're in good graces, pencil whipped or ignored. They don't like you? You'll be out in months and this will be why.