July 22, 2017

See You LAT-er

Hearing about the Leadership Alliance Team term jumps out: 
"Star Chamber". 

The term dates back to 15th century England and is also the title of a 1983 movie about a panel of judges who decide who lives and who dies.


Richard Adams said...

Court of Star Chamber, in English law, the court made up of judges and privy councillors that grew out of the medieval king’s council as a supplement to the regular justice of the common-law courts. It achieved great popularity under Henry VIII for its ability to enforce the law when other courts were unable to do so because of corruption and influence, and to provide remedies when others were inadequate. When, however, it was used by Charles I to enforce unpopular political and ecclesiastical policies, it became a symbol of oppression to the parliamentary and Puritan opponents of Charles and Archbishop William Laud. It was, therefore, abolished by the Long Parliament in 1641.

From Encyclopedia Britannica

Richard Adams said...



Anonymous said...

Just another useless organization to try and convince operators that we have a say and a seat at the table. WE DONT. McD will always do whatever it wants, Operators be damned !