September 16, 2015

Good For Both McDonald's Operators and Oak Brook

Good news for McDonald's Operators since activist investors want to fiddle with
the McDonald's franchise business model.

Good news for Oak Brook since it would be a PR disaster if investors were allowed
to  examine the McDonald's real estate portfolio and the secret REIT(s) that have
been created over the years.
IRS questions tax-free real estate spinoffs; could affect restaurants - NRN


Richard Adams said...

When analysts and investors speak of "monetizing" McDonald's real estate it only means one thing - raising Operator's rent. Most assume McDonald's franchisees pay below market rents that do not reflect the current value of the real estate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Good For Both McDonald's Operators and Oak Brook":

Having a third party involved in the real estate would really mess things up. We already have a problem with pleasing stockholders and o/os and then to add in real estate investors would be a problem.