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September 28, 2015

CYT Dialogue

Before it goes too far down-screen McDonald's Operators should revisit the post titled 
"On CYT", we've had some great Operator comments.

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Anonymous said...

Not about cyt but as a long time o/o I am really uncomfortable with the idea of OPNAD being used to force us to put in equipment such as the digital menu boards. I would have done them anyway but how was Oak Brook able to manipulate the leadership of opnad into dictating to us how we spend our money? Next thing you know opnad will be paying for CYT. This proves there is no question that Oak Brook runs opnad, not operators. But now we will hear o/os say - I had to sign the opnad card, otherwise I wouldn't get the menu boards.

Anonymous said...

I could Not Agree more with the comments from Long Time O/O.

OpNad's O/O leadership has given all control over to McD. I too would have done digital boards, but tying it to the Pledge Card is just not right. I keep thinking we will come to our senses and take charge, I guess there is little chance of that.

Signed, Feeling Defeated

Anonymous said...

If you investigate further, you will find that OPNAD, NOT the operator will OWN the expensive Digital Menu Boards, meaning they will get the depreciation write offs, etc. This is especially egregious when you consider that OPNAD FUNDS ARE THE OPERATORS MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE !!! WHY did OPNAD agree to this ?? Its our money !!!!