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September 24, 2015

What Would McDonald's Do Without a Strategy VP?

The WSJ describes McDonald's as "a company long known for preferring 
internal candidates" ... well, history tells us that's not entirely true.

When McDonald's has a CEO who lacks an operations background, such as 
Greenberg or Easterbrook, the CEO tries to flush the top management people 
who have "ketchup in their veins" and bring in people who know nothing about
running a McDonald's or the McDonald's culture.

Anyone remember Alan Feldman?

McDonald's appoints strategy chief - Marketwatch


Richard Adams said...

Kempczinski is a refugee from the Kraft-Heinz merger.

Anonymous said...

Deck chairs

Anonymous said...

What do we need a CEO for if this guy is formulating strategy?

If things don't work out who's responsible?

I guess if you hire enough people with titles that match your job description, it's someone else's problem.

Anonymous said...

Oak Brook upper Management staff is bloated by at least 30%