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September 12, 2015

Federal Fair Franchise Act Not So Outrageous After All

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Anonymous said...

Every operator in the MCD system should read this article and give a copy of it to their Attorney. Of particular interest is number 5 of the fair Franchise Act of 2015. With all of the reinvestments in the pipeline we should have a clear understanding of what this means.

Where is this legislation currently? Any chance that it could be passed??

Anonymous said...

Didn't pass in California, thanks to Jerry Brown. Won't pass in D.C.

Anonymous said...

It just DID pass the California senate and house. Unanimously. It is on Jerry Brown's desk again. If he vetoes it, there is a veto proof vote in the legislature. Literally everyone voted for it. Not one legislator voted against it.

Maybe you need to fast forward a year.

Anonymous said...

Everyone (98-0) in the Senate voted to have a vote on the Iran Nuclear deal(Corker/Cardin Agreement) and then it was filibustered and no vote taken. When a governor vetoes a bill, he can usually get enough legislators on his side to prevent an override. We will see what Brown will do in California. But thanks for the update.