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September 16, 2015

McRevolt: The Frustrating Life of the McDonald’s Franchisee

McDonald’s Operators are probably weary of negative press concerning the brand 
but this Bloomberg article tells the story of an actual Operator’s career - Al Jarvis - 
former Michigan Operator.

I ribbed the reporter for quoting a college professor who likely knows nothing about 

the real business world and sent him this scene from a Rodney Dangerfield movie:

Back To School

He sent me back this scene from a Woody Allen movie:

Annie Hall

Bryan Gruley and Leslie Patton report for Bloomberg



Anonymous said...

I also retired last year. Al's story could have been mine. We always knew there were other operators out there like us but, other than this website, you were pretty much kept in the dark. I refer to the entire McDonald's experience as an "unhappy success". It was a very emotional read. Ray and Fred are spinning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

Me too and couldn't be happier !! Company has real problems unlike anything it has ever been up against before.

Anonymous said...

Al ran great stores and was a credit to the system. But McDonald's today is not built for the one or two store o/os. That's why the corp. is forcing so many of them out of the system.

Anonymous said...

And if things keep going the way they are, and they just might, the larger o/os may feel the pain too. You can only go in so much debt without coming up for air --- The competition is fierce and is coming from all angles. It may just be that McD will just muddle on for the next 10 years or so and in that case all those o/os large or small are going to feel it --- from what i see, costs keep going up and up, bottom line getting smaller and smaller

Richard Adams said...

Too many decisions made on the assumption of endless sales growth that never materialized.

Anonymous said...

Went to Oakbrook to sponsor a class a few years back and I had the pleasure of meeting Al. He was an awesome guy with a lot to offer. We had a great time over that week.