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October 7, 2014

QSR Magazine Fast Food Drive Thru Study

Industry execs admit slower service and increased order mistakes caused by menu
complexity - plan to solve it with "training".

McDonald's says “It’s about going slow to go fast.” Is that Oak Brook Speak?

Fast Food Drive Thru Study Reports Speed and Performance in Industry - QSR magazine


Anonymous said...

Regarding FREE Coffee- I always wonder why the corporation or our coffee suppliers don't share in the costs of these "give it away" promotions?? they reap rewards while the operator bears all the costs

Richard Adams said...

That kind of cost sharing won't happen unless the Operators demand it and apparently that's no longer part of the McDonald's culture.

Anonymous said...

OPNAD no longer represents the o/o's interests. They just spend our money to make profits for the corp.

Anonymous said...

OPNAD really stands for

Richard Adams said...

Considering the billions that have been transferred from McDonald's Operator's equity over to McDonald's corp. and shareholders I'm surprised OPNAD still exists. Why spend two to three times your contractual obligation in advertising and marketing?

Anonymous said...

Ditto For the NLC . It SHOULD stand for