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October 28, 2014

Burger King Franchisees And Coaches

"Franchisees have complained that some of the coaches are too young and inexperienced, 
 with many of them hired straight out of business school."

Burger King Franchisees And Coaches - Business Insider


Anonymous said...

Join the club BK guys. McD field consultants are not much better.

Anonymous said...

At least BK is hiring them right out of college. my consultant is only a high school grad

Richard Adams said...

I'd prefer a consultant who's actually run restaurants no matter what their education.

Anonymous said...

My consultant has 4 years in restaurant management two years as McOpCo supervisor; advising franchisees now and their mid-management most with twenty plus years operating McDonald's restaurants. Call them what they are brand inspectors nothing wrong with that but they are not "business consultants".