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October 30, 2014

Back to the McFuture?

McDonald's Divisions being changed back to Zones? What's a "zone insights person"?

Is this another tactic to deflect attention away from Oak Brook?

This is reminiscent of the days when McDonald's USA Zones were changed to Divisions
to be "closer to our customers" yet four out of the five original Divisional offices were
in Chicagoland.

I pay no attention to 2nd tier McDonald's corporate people so can someone tell me who's
this James Collins? Has he been working somewhere else since 2011? Is this another rehire? 


Anonymous said...

If they truly believed in decentralization, there would be far more than four zones. Why do we even need zones, whats wrong with the 22 regions??

Just a way to staff McD s already bloated management ranks, not to get closer to the customer !

Anonymous said...

This is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC.

This stock is going DOWN

Anonymous said...

In reality, this is simply a move to reduce corporate G&A by eliminating the topheavy divisions and staff, and transferring a skeleton Zone team to Oak Brook. Will eliminate about 200-300 jobs.

Anonymous said...

So some of the GM's that have caused pain to many an Operator, now has to explain why there region is in the low "quintile" Nice Karma please publish the list of those GM's that are not expandable and will not be "rewritten". I saw this coming along time ago. Two GM's where never needed

Anonymous said...

James Collins was GM of the Florida region and before that QSCVP of the greater Southwest region I believe.

Anonymous said...

How do you get "closer to the customer" by transferring decision making to Oak Brook?? Mike Andres has just told his first LIE. This is a G&A reduction move, plain and simple.

McD needs to replace Don Thompson and the new hires with no QSR experience, cut 20% of the menu items (not just 8 items as recently promised),and cut the severely bloated management staff.

Anonymous said...

I’ll help make some cuts.
• Get rid of the innovation labs useless; just test real life in a real restaurant just like every other successful restaurant chains do.
• Get rid of chef Dan nothing he has come up with has been successful and he comes up with a 40% food cost McWrap when your selling drinks at dollar. Have our food vendors pay for innovation and new product development they know the trends.
• Get rid of the voice and mystery shops adds noting of value except time wasting and takes managers away from not focusing on serving food and the customer.
• Keep the 800 line and just use it for what it is a feed back line no the holy grail.
• Get rid of the design group that is what d├ęcor and vendor companies get paid for.

Ok I could keep going on I could get service fees back to 3% in no time!

Anonymous said...

James Collins was the Regional Manager in Fl. for about a year. Closet thing to zero I have ever seen. Riding with Real estate would be heard snoring in the back seat. Signed anything put in front of him. Received big promotion. Now, being knocked back down to regional manager.