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October 13, 2023

McDonald's Israel Stepping Up

McDonald's Israel said it is donating  4,000 meals a day to IDF


Richard Adams said...

That’s not backlash, just an example of crappy internet reporting. Yes, there’s been some social media jumk that generated some reaction from McDonald’s Operators in other countries. I’ll bet McDonald’s in Israel generated massive goodwill with their actions. There have been many news stories about the entire Israeli community pitching in and preparing meals for soldiers as well as donating clothing and other supplies to their troops. McDonald’s fits right in.

I haven’t seen everything McDonald’s of Isreal published but I hope they were precise about who was making these contributions and that it wasn’t McDonald’s Corp. taking a position.

Here’’s an example of some decent reporting on this event:

Richard Adams said...

One more thing - If there's a major event in their trading area McDonald's Owner/Operators are there with food and drink for first-responders.
This is no different.

Anonymous said...

Local franchise owners of most American brands are ALWAYS involved in helping their communities, from major events like this, blizzards, hurricanes, and down on to buying little league uniforms. Mcdonald's owners fit right into that, abroad and at home.

Franchising (done correctly) is a treasure that America gave to the world.