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October 6, 2023

Maze - It's in the McRent

Jonathan Maze straightens out some of the misconceptions about rent vs. royalties vs. service fees. I hope other reporters read this.

The McDonald's premium? It's in the rent - Restaurant Business


Anonymous said...

Maze nails it as usual. Our rents are significantly higher, and growing. And the company is nickel and diming us constantly with outside fees like technology ( which doesnt work) etc. And now, calling it a royalty instead of a service fee will allow the company to provide NO SERVICE at all unless you pay extra for it!

Anonymous said...

There is something else going on. Historically the companys service fee was considered a liability (to provide services) and was logged as such on the corporate P&L. Now with the change to royalty, generally accepted accounting principles will allow mcd to list it on the balance sheet as an asset, adding billions to the companys net worth . Its the McKensie way!

Anonymous said...

The NOA has addressed this multiple times.
The NFLA, not so much. Crickets. But what would you expect from the pandering lemmings at the NFLA ? They are only in it for themselves.

The NFLA should be disbanded!
They will NEVER see my $75 per store again !!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many media reporters read this blog to get a REAL feel of the owners, and not some sterilized message from mcd or from the useless NFLA

Anonymous said...

Once in awhile, I hear anonymous readers of this great and valuable blog cast very disrespectful comments at fellow operator leaders. Blaming opnad leaders for promotions that dont deliver as presented, calling them blind custodians when managing our 900 million, or operators on nfla as lemmings, is wholly unproductive. Your opinion would have more power if you put your name behind trashing fellow operators. When was the last time you ran or represented operators? I would love to know!

Anonymous said...

To the above- How long have you worked for McDonalds Corporation?

Do you have any idea of the immediate retribution enacted on any owner who dares speak out against the company in anything but an anonymous way????

Anonymous said...

Dear "I would love to know"

WHY didnt you sign YOUR name???

Anonymous said...

When you seek the messenger, rather than listen to the message.. your as much the problem.

However, if you promise to meet someone on the field of battle.. I'd be more than happy to go hand in hand if knowing one's name is of such a necessity.

Yeah, didn't think so...

Wanting a name to hide and attack their livelihood.. instead of proving them wrong. I understand you take it personally, and perhaps you should. That is more a reflection of your conscience whispering your failures... then the status of your achievements.

Results speak louder than words, and in a world where every decision is at odds of the operator proves more of the feckless nature of the 'leadership groups'.

Proving these anonymous comments correct.