Coalition of Franchisee Associations

October 27, 2023

Look For The Union Label

"Unions have been pushing for decades to broaden the definition of joint employer in hopes of easing their efforts to organize whole chains at once, instead of proceeding franchisee by franchisee. That task might be easier if franchisor and franchisee are viewed as the same entity by employees."

New rule increases restaurant franchisors' chances of paying for franchisees' labor mistakes - Restaurant Business

IFA urges Congress to undo revised Joint Employer Rule - Franchise Wire


Anonymous said...

MCD corporate gave the SEIU union even MORE than joint employer unionization in the California "deal." It not only bargained for all of its franchisees and their employees against their will and even without their knowledge in secret, it did it for ALL QSR franchises.

Its ironic that they are upset with NLRB now.

Corporate thought that it escaped joint liability in CA but got it everywhere in the US now. Thanks, Chris K.

Anonymous said...

McD’s betrayed us and sold us out in order to protect their behinds in California. Thanks to MCD- we now must pay $20 labor (minimum) and Joint Employer DOES exist.

Nice job "partners".

Anonymous said...

Expect McDonalds to drastically raise fees, rents, etc to cover any anticipated losses by them due to Joint Employer. Also expect more cuts in services to save funds to cover their liabilities. Plus more mandated control of our employees to suit McDonalds world view.