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February 16, 2021

Take Those Tech Fees and...

 McDonald's agrees to independent review of contentious technology fees


Anonymous said...

It is the opinon going out of field offices to COOPs after yesterdays National call - operators should have enough explanation to just pay this money.

AKA... when's your business review?

Anonymous said...

On a diffent note (and a topic fir a different thread), while there are real franchisee struggles with tech fees and poor communications and pratices with projects like BBV2020.

The practice of predatory discriminatory practices by McDonalds on franchise locations, store volumes and etc is seemingly ludicris.

Its been my experience, they have their selection of operators they want to grow (comfortable) with, and it has more to with the business knowledge (or seemingly lack of) or willingness to arbitrarily go along with ideas. Nothing to do with color. They're an equal opportunity discriminator in those matters.

You got your foot in the door, its up to you to grow your patch. The grass isnt greener next door, its greener where its cultivated.

Again, my opinion... but I seen some operators of color own some pretty lucritive patchs.

I seen what appeared to be crappy areas cultivated in to some lucrative patches.

Anonymous said...

Ernst & Young have been MCDs accountants for Decades. They are neither independent nor non biased.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in, as this investigation is not asking the right questions or seeking out alternative opinions. I don't understand how their independent audit gets past the joint letter to the field with the 2016 TECH fee's - that states 2016 payments carried until June 2017.

Nor can they justify a 2017 accrual (if it did exist) - somehow takes the form of 2021 prices.

You cant say you're not charging interest on a 2017 accrual - then claim the amount was a rolling balance that wouldn't ever drawn interest in the first place. It seems a simple accounting issue would be explained in a week if the paperwork was in order.

The fact its taking several weeks only leads to the belief the paperwork is being manufactured. The balance wasn't carried on the books over the last 4 years, wasn't reported in Quarterly financials. That's a lot of places, lots of PUBLIC data to try and manipulate.

Ernst and Young can not simply sign the typical waiver the audit is solely based on the data provided by Auditee - they are placing their corporate integrity on the line and this audit has to be investigative and sworn.