Coalition of Franchisee Associations

February 9, 2021

Regarding the "Coalition"

Let's pretended for a moment I know nothing about McDonald's but I know a lot about the franchise business. McDonald's Corp. hires me as a consultant to work on a solution to the "NOA problem". I do some research and interviews and come back with my recommendation to the corporation: That is to:

Cause a third McDonald's franchisee group to be formed.

This will confuse everyone - busy Owner/Operators, reporters, analysts, investors, everyone.

I'm sure I haven't seen everything the "Coalition" has published but I find one thing very odd. There is no mention of the NOA in any of the materials. How do you discuss the history and the culture of the McDonald's system and make no mention of the NOA? Obviously, the person or persons who put this all together wishes the NOA would just go away.


Anonymous said...


Understanding, it has now become OFFICAL. There is no sideline in these discussions. Your either on the side of fellow OPERATOR organizations and NOA, or simply support the 1 LEGGED STOOL.

If you're a member of the NOA, you need to look at any organization not a member as the enemy. Plain and simple. Any 'operator coalition' that would arbitrarily roll over on these technology fees and other issues. Not only NOT have their own INDEPENDENT organization's best interest at hand. They are an egregious detriment to the independent franchise program as a whole.

I'm sure the new UNSIGNED coalition is the old sidelined leadership, with corporate support sending messages through the MCD PARTNER EMAIL channels unabated. Those members are best suited to be McOpCo Managers, then independent franchise business owners.

Shameful, that if MCD states operators owe money. They can neither show the billing, minutes, or other records to substantiate the charge.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Im all for trying to position your business for success. But anyone willing to climb over your fellow operators back. Worse, try to stab them in the back to get there is disgusting.

This is simply the old NLC leadership whinning over their removal. Any clown that supports THAT coaltion is a detriment to the business model; even for the franchisor.

What I dont understand, is with all the controls, screens and protections on the PARTNERS email system. This outside message was allowed to freely be distributed on that controlled communication network?

I mean, can any yeahhoo sit on their Macbook, in Arizona and send these emails?

Anonymous said...

Shameful, that the MCD leadership holds such little value in the franchisees knowledge. All the while, shareholders forced 95% of the restaurants into franchisee hands due to that same knowledge of operations.

Now, everyone knows the push back by the corporation was to align itself with less effective franchisees; with no empathy for their fellow operator. Those that look at their business as a 'good parttime job' and their neighbor as a 'stepping stone' to their success.

How ignorant to think 'they' alone have the answer to moving forward. All the while ignoring simple business processes and rights, like knowing what you're being charged for.

Corporation didnt pull this business thru the pandemic, its franchisees and their employees were the keystone to success. Kind of wish they would of thanked those workers in a Superbowl ad.

Many REAL McDonalds leaders in the past, including Ray Kroc forewarned everyone to be leary the day the franchsor became a supplier. My friends, that day has come.

Where our franchisor not only demands independent operators purchase their non-brand soecific products, but hold businesses in CONTEMPT when they question the billing or cost.

The pause could be stopped today with Corporates open discussion and submittal of the requested billing data. Corporate chose to ignore these requests. JUST AS IT CHOSE TO BACK THIS SUBVERTED MOVE AGAINST THE NOA.

How scary is it for the system to have a swath of purported franchisees, that dont understand that logic.

Anonymous said...

Communication from an amorphous and unidentified group is not appreciated.

As former and present members of operator leadership you understand the structures required to create operator representation. This communication is an attempt to circumvent those structures.

The use of Partners Email and the owner operator list within it by an anonymous group with an indeterminate number of members is neither secure nor proper.

Until such time as you are willing to identify yourselves, your organizational structure, and explain how that structure represents operators, your communications are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds US Senior Leadership Team has sunk to a new low by encouraging this Rogue, anti-operator LWS GROUP. They even allowed this tiny entity to access partners email. How low will the SLT go? It seems there is no limit to their treachery. Just another attempt by SLT to divide and conquer. PATHETIC PARTNERS !!!’

Anonymous said...

It is critical for us to maintain unity and support for the pause. Joe E and Chris Ks recent comments indicate the pause is definitely being felt. Mark's Sunday NFLA email proves that we are making progress and that there is light at the end of the tunnel if we just stay the course. The recent email from the LWS coalition urging an end to the pause could have been written by Joe E himself!

It is imperative that we encourage owners to continue to back the NFLA and the pause so that Mark and his team can continue to progress to the desired outcomes in their negotiations. They have been very savvy in the negotiations so far.

If you heard Chris K. on the Quarterly Earnings call, you heard the company's real impression of Owners. Chris had told Owners prior to the Earnings call, that he would try to help with the impasse and the fact the US Senior Leadership Team was "doubling down" on their insistence that we owe the Tech Fee, despite our NFLA Financial Team and the Expert Accountants (NFCA) providing hundreds of hours of research that concluded there was no outstanding Tech Fees. As Mark said, usually when a vendor sends a bill it is incumbent on them to demonstrate the Burden of Proof....they have failed to do so, obfuscated and treated our leaders with great indignity, not as partners.

On the Earnings Call, Chris K. was almost smug about the US Owners when asked about the dynamic going on...instead of helping solve the problem as he had told Owners he would try, he said "People forget I was US President for 3 Years so I know what Joe is going through...with the 2,000 CEO's....and then went on to take credit for "their plan" by saying the positive news is we are taking the plan directly to the Restaurant levels and it is working...essentially as if the Owners didn't can read it yourself...he want on in a dismissive way and said I am confidant Joe and Mark will work it out...As you know...they have not...

I wish ALL Owners would stand up for the Elected NFLA Reps and reject the way they are being treated....dismissed....and as you heard Joe say on the System Call...when he asked anyone to bring forth an invoice....completely trying to Divide and Conquer us as they always do...and unfortunately far too often we let them...I have never seen such mistreatment of ALL Owners, and that I remind you didn't start on December 3rd....

I think back to the "bait and switch" they pulled on us in BBV 2020, and the bullying and intimidation still prevalent is almost unbelievable to realize how completely disrespectful they are to our fellow elected Leaders...we owe Mark, and the entire NFLA ET our support....they get nervous when they hear Owners are nervous about things....and that is our weakness....we don't want this drama....but we didn't create it. I hope that with our current leadership and the strong backbone of the NOA....we did not give up when the future of our relationship was at stake....

I hope Mark and his team get stronger....I hope Blake and the strong NOA Leadership will back them...and when necessary take Legal action if needed.... I pray the diversity groups join in this struggle.

Ronald Reagan once said, "If not Us..Then Who? If Not Now...then When?" It is time the Owners see our advocacy through....

I ask all of us to help influence our CoOp's as only Fellow Owners can do....We must maintain our Strong support of the pause in spite of the company protestations, and rogue group's propaganda, like the LWS Coalition. Whether or not we agree with ALL of the approaches we need to put strong messaging to our fellow owners to support the NFLA in its negotiations.

Remember Ray said "None of us is as strong as all of us" I believe he would want us to prove him right in this moment, at this time!

Anonymous said...

☝️THIS!!!!! 👍

Anonymous said...

Im more convinced now the pause is not only needed, it needs to be broadened. Not sure how many more shots across the bow operators need to accept? I hope they dont wait for the torpedo to hit.

NOA membership was a start, it now needs its own internal PAC/Legal fund. Its all fun to say to stand up in individual COOPS - but be serious, no operator wants to take that torpedo.

Some think that wont happen, but historically owners know it all too well. Corporate is already removing the safeties off their torpedos. Evident by their permissive useage of Partners email for that unsolicited coalition message.

Operators better know who's on their side. I agree with the idea, those not NOA members are against the same. Where's those anonymous surveys when you need one.

Vote of NO CONFIDENCE in McDonald's leadership, and no way to trust their ability to conduct any open and honest discussions or planning. Now, they're actively seeking operators to undercut their fellow operators.

Anonymous said...

We need to file a class action lawsuit vs MCD for the tech fee FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

Traitors to their fellow Operators (for their personal gain) -


Avoid at all costs!

Anonymous said...

Operators need to do something, these lack luster responses by the franchisee leadership are only embolding the corporate leadership.

The PAUSE isnt getting the desired effect.

There is now a need for better, more cooperative and collaborative franchisor leadership. Experienced with the brand and its historical achievements. Willing to truely work with the franchisee, not just patronize them

Seems the pool for that is nonexistent in the currwnt corporate world. Instead of yammering for board representation, operators need to get brand ex-franchisees into the corporate leadership positions.

Operators also need to isolate and invalidate that coalition... as you know damn well, if those coalition members had the option of canceling you out, they would without hesitation.

No one likes the US or THEM confrontations. However, its the world we live in today. Get out of the past with your tactics, and learn the pajama boy's art of war. Use it against them.. as you now see they never really wanted to work the issue with operators.

Anonymous said...

The above-
Anonymous said...

This comment MOST CERTAINLY was written by one of the rear kissing, traitorous LWS members!

Anonymous said...

One thing I think we could and should do is to outsource technology from a company that is independent from McDonalds. As you know our current technology platform is a constant source of angst for our managers and crew. Hopefully we could improve reliability of the platform while sending a message to the company that our concerns are not idle threats. I know it wouldn’t be easy and not all operators would participate but I think most would if we can keep the costs in line. It would also send a powerful message to the company, and we are completely within our rights to do so via our Franchise Agreement.

Anonymous said...

If you havent heard already, it is imperative that you tune in to todays East and West Zone Call.

Anonymous said...

Sad that we are ending the stoppage at the field office level and below. That is where we have our greatest leverage. The pause was working. We should have kept pressing! And yes that call today was extremely informative!

Anonymous said...

The pause achieved nothing.

A financial audit will share light to the world.

Anonymous said...

Dont you folks understand? This is exactly what Mcd and LWS wanted - to seed discord and divide us. We must stay unified. And if the NFLA cant get the job done, replace it with the NOA. Funding be damned.

Anonymous said...

In many years of life, I never seen the hitting of a homerun over the back fence, playing softball.

Anonymous said...

Dear NOA Members,

The NOA’s mission is “Unity With A Purpose.” Our elected leaders, with the support of the NOA, have built the unity we currently enjoy today. The unprecedented 95% support for the Pause demonstrates the unity of the US Owner community.

The NOA condemns those groups who actively seek to undermine our elected leaders and our hard earned unity. The NOA believes leadership should be open, visible, and accountable to the system. The LWS exhibits none of these traits. They never have and never will. McDonald’s deserves better.

Your NOA Board

Blake Casper
Bob Hogan
Robert Lane
Joel Pellicci Sr.
Michael Retzer Jr.
Dorothy Stingley
Larry Tripplett

Anonymous said...

^^^^ 💯%

Anonymous said...

Technology payable, if the stats Spiro showed today is true - then the amount owed is first half of 2017, not the last rolling 6 months.

Second, operators need to know why the increases in technology fee's in 2017 onward... NEWPOS, CASHLESS, WIFI were all established, KIOSK and MENU BOARDS were paid by the individual restaurants; along with licensing fee's at the time of purchase.

So what exactly constitutes those technology fee's - and when the doubling of fee's was occurring - a FIELD VOTE wasn't established to determine the necessity of those cost? Why is corporate a vender that gets to dictate their pricing, PLUS force payment?

There's NO CONFIDENTIALITY in billing.