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June 13, 2020

When McDonald's Corp. Plays Politics It Always Backfires

So McDonald's Corp. is using the phrase "Black Lives Matter" in corporate produced advertising?

From my perspective Black Lives Matter is three things:

* It's a slogan.

* It's a massive internet presence.

* It's becoming a political party.

At the present time the focus of BLM is apparently the Defunding, Deconstruction, and Demonization of law enforcement across the country.

It's hard to imagine there's a company in the USA more interwoven with law enforcement
than McDonald's and its franchisees. And it's not just because of McDonald's size. It's about the all American image, the flag flying at every store, and the constant interaction between McDonald's Owner/Operators and law enforcement.

This was true when I was a crew person and police could eat for free at McDonald's. It was 
true when I was an Owner/Operator and the San Diego County Sheriff's Department was a 
key component of my LSM activities. And It's true today as evidenced by thousands of 
postings on social media.

The trouble is, McDonald's management appears to be completely unaware of this long-standing relationship. And the ad agencies and public relations people will be oblivious to
this history.

So management will act emotionally and thrust the brand right in between BLM and law enforcement. That's the last place any company should find itself.

Taking sides in this situation (which appears to be getting worse as I write) could be the 
biggest Lose-Lose in the history of McDonald's.

McDonald’s #BlackLivesMatters Ad Was Shortsighted and Hollow – Adweek

Workers Aren't Impressed by Corporate Anti-Racism - NYmagazine


Anonymous said...

We were founded as, but no longer are, a family restaurant without agendas.


We should stay neutral on ALL topics, political, social, religious or otherwise!

Sadly Chris and Joe are incompetent morons.

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter
White Lives Matter
Gay Lives Matter
Police Lives Matter
ALL LIVES MATTER, and we should be involved in NONE OF IT!

Im glad to see the pompous MCD execs get toasted by the press for their STUPIDITY!

Anonymous said...

It was disgusting, literally disgusting to witness that commercial. A decision without field approval, and had nothing to do to build the brand. It was pandering to a politcal agenda of corporate, paid with the blood, sweat and now tears of their franchisees.

Clearly it represents a clear lack of knowledge and understanding of the brand by those in corporate leaderahip. And the ineffectiveness of franchisee leadership in their unwillingness to call them out for it.

Its definately a precarious era in McDonald's, and I hope the sensible customers dont hold the entire brand accountable. Sadly, I fear they will eventually.

Anonymous said...

Management is not protecting the brand. They are acting like spoiled college kids. Leadership is creating bigger problems. Their actions will cost the system money. Now is the time to focus on QSC like no other time. A good solid corporate citizen should be silent until asked then be the voice of reason. They are going to put the system in the position where we will begin receiving demands from radical groups. Once that happens it is a "NO WIN" situation. What will they do "call the cops". What they will do is bend over all the while saying thank you. Who is leading the systems response if called upon, anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the NOA be the voice of reason in this matter and ask the company to consult with us so that we can have a uniform and proper response at the store level. Now is not the time to criticize management. Now is the time to join ranks and provide leadership that is currently lacking. Clearly, after that poorly developed ad no one wants to hear from MCD management. A new and clear voice needs to come forward from MCD. Someone who understands store operations and can speak to the concerns of our minority employee's and customers. The company walking around with its wallet open is simply disingenuous generating eye roll after eye roll. The company may not know it and will likely not admit it but they really need us in this matter. Knowing NOA leadership I'm confident they have already offered our guidance. IMO, every operator should be prepared to offer a positive and balanced response that has been well rehearsed. Stockpile cases of bottle water to hand out to protesters. Be that corporate citizen in your trading area that is part of a solution. I have been waiting for my phone to ring to learn what our response will be and how we can help. So far nothing.

Anonymous said...

If OPNAD paid for (or approved) that commercial then OPNAD should demand reimbursement for the costs. It was not approved in a field vote! If MCD wants it so badly-let THEM pay for it! Otherwise Opnad chair should be forced to resign, and OPNAD disbanded (just like some police departments)

Anonymous said...

Next round of MCD/OPNAD STUPIDITY- Colin Kaepernick will become a MCD/BLM spokesperson and MCD will encourage kneeling in the NFL.

DISBAND OPNAD- they cant even get rid of $1 any size. Puppet organization dominated by Corp!

Richard Adams said...

"Stockpile cases of bottle water to hand out to protesters. Be that corporate citizen in your trading area that is part of a solution."

Being a good corporate citizen does not necessarily involve getting caught up in political conflicts. Keep quiet, sell hamburgers, and don't put the McDonald's brand at risk trying to be politically correct.

And that bottled water? May be used as projectiles to be thrown at police. The people you are trying to placate may the ones who burn down your restaurant.

Anonymous said...

MCD should stay out of it other than to point out that it is highly unlikely that more African American millionaires were made by any company other than MCD and other franchises.

Anonymous said...

No one is trying to be PC. PC is causing more problems than it helps. Nothing in these matters is without risk. An action plan to do something is better than what Chicago is doing. I met with many crew people this morning and asked how they would like to see us respond if a response was necessary. They were very positive about having an action plan other than locking the store and walking away. Placating has nothing to do with anything. Tired policy of of PC, placating, doing nothing and quivering in fear went out years ago. It is exactly what the organizers of protests would like to see. You are right to agree with my previous post to focus on QSC and operations. However, if you notice a hundred people in the parking lot beginning to protest you protect your people first. Then assess the situation if possible with communication. In most cases the operator will not be there so store management must have some guidelines. That is what action plans do. Do nothing to aggravate the situation. call the office or operator. I was very impressed with our crews they are the best ambassadors we have. Every situation is different. Without placating or trying to be PC determine if defusing is possible. In many cases it is. Nobody I know wants to tarnish the MCD brand and it is "top of mind". Most mature managers and operators are not even thinking about being PC or placating, if there is concern about a bottle of water becoming a weapon simply don't do it. Our people for the most part have good judgment. We don't expect that we will encounter protests but we want to be prepared if we do.

Anonymous said...

The Black Lives Matter group funnels most its donations received to a PAC known as ActBlue. ActBlue funds Democrat candidates exclusively and supports anti-business socialist groups as well. Not much of the money raised actually benefits black Americans. Its not good for our business to be involved with BLM.

Anonymous said...

After seeing this Weak Ad, I was bothered by a number of things.
- First, at least 1 one the people that died was due to him grappling for the Police Officer Gun. With a number of police officers in my family I know first hand what Criminals can do to inflict harm to a police officer just doing their job.
- Next, I have customers asking if we (McD) are supporting BLM. If I am they are not going to support my business. I am in the Deep South what is an issue in Chicago, LA, Atlanta and NYC is not an issue for us. As a Christian I support ALL Lives, not just Black, but ALL Lives. I Do Not support the Political Party that is Called BLM.

I want OpNad to know, I don’t want my money used for a Social or a Political Agenda. I am an independent voter, with No signs in my yard and I hope No One finds out who I support. Because ALL people are my customers. While I am speaking about OpNad, I want All votes by All representatives posted.

Finally, I want McD. leadership to stop putting the Operators inside Political and or Social engineering issues. I want to sell hamburgers.

Anonymous said...

FIRE Chris K



Bring back Ronald !

Anonymous said...

/\ what they said...