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June 16, 2020

McDonald’s Sales Improve as it Starts Returning to Normal

Restaurant Business Online reports


Anonymous said...

Did you see that management (Chris K) says about our eagerness to return to more EOTF?

Chris K sez:
"The plus of what we are seeing actually right now is in the U.S. more so that the franchisees are - several franchisees are looking to start up again the experience of the future projects, which to me is a very positive sign of them wanting to invest in the business.

So that billion dollars that we thought we were going to save may be a little bit less than that right now, because we have more franchisees coming forward that still want to get their experience of the future projects done.

So we won't save as much capital probably as I have thought three months ago. But I actually view that as a positive, because the reason we won't save as much is because franchisees are looking to go back and start reinvesting in the business again. That to me is a good sign of the health of the business, the health of the franchisees and their views on the future of the business."

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris- What about Kiosks, beverage bars and playplaces we have spent billions on? Are they obsolete? This is a more pressing need than to ramp up EOTF again. But then again, since you have no real operational or store experience, how could you even know?