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June 1, 2020

Customer Concerns as Restaurants Reopen

Customer Concerns as Restaurants Reopen: Where to Start - QSR magazine


Anonymous said...

States put hard enough restrictions for operators to jump thru, then they get hit with ludicris demands from corporate on top of that.

Told they need corporate permission to reopen and earn, to pay their rent and services fees. No reduction in those same fees for loss of use.

Operators been intimidated for so long, they are fear conditioned not to resist. Your next franchise agreement, might as well be a McOpCo employment contract.

Anonymous said...

many of the recomendations are to cover the companys butt in case of lawsuits. again all the blame will be on the o/o.

Anonymous said...

Thats an excuse, as the franchise agreement is pretty exstensive. And it still wont stop McDonalds from being a named plaintiff. Even today, most cases filed have corporate dropped and the franchisee left as the defendent.

This is more control ... nothing more. Oh, the reopening plan is a easy paper for health departments to accept. Im talking about needing your Business Partner approval to reopen a lobby the government no longer requires closed. Allowing a franchisee the ability to earn, to pay their rent and service fee - that wasnt reduced by the corporate enforced closure.

Could you imagine renting a 4 bedroom home, then in the middle of your lease, the land lord states you cant use 2 bedrooms - or park your car in the garage? Yet, still wants the same rent? But, they will defer your payment for a few months.

Couldnt happen you'd say... wouldnt allow it.

This new system now has corporate officers making statements of race inequality, that some how people of color are paid less or treated worse in the restaurants?

Theres a sound reason MCD doesnt run restaurants. Seems as time goes on, theres real concern if they can run a brand too.

Anonymous said...