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April 14, 2020

Joe Versus The NOA Volcano - WSJ

McDonald's Owners, Company Spar Over Assistance - WSJ/Morningstar

Reuters follows up on WSJ article

Jonathan Maze reports - Restaurant Business Online


Anonymous said...

Two weeks! Two lousy weeks that MCD would not help us. They deserve the negative publicity.

Protect YOUR equity (MCD WONT)


Anonymous said...

Joe Erlingers April 9 letter included the following:

- 2 weeks sick pay for all employees with Covid-19
- 10% "Hero pay" for all employees
- Establish a Employee Emergency Relief Fund
- Requiring wellness and temperature checks on employees
- Mandate that crew get Free Food while working and 50% off food when they are off

Congratulations Mr Erlinger, your comments are music to the SEIU ears ,proving MCD is a JOINT EMPLOYER!

Anonymous said...

Will the person leaking the actual closed door actions and insensitive communications INITIATED by MCD Corporation, that makes the Corporation look bad, please stop.

Dont you know, it works against the Corporate narrative of OPERATORS not doing enough for their people, when you highlight their inadequacies.

Oh, wait... you're a independent business owner. They dont need to help OPERATORS. YET, they need to stick their nose into OPERATOR INNER employee workings?!

Anonymous said...

NOA has rattled the cage, are they prepared to throw a punch if needed. If they aren't already contemplating the next step, they will get steamrollered.

Anonymous said...

I applaud the courage shown by the NOA. Now if only NFLA and OPNAD could grow a backbone...…

1300 Owners cant be wrong!

Anonymous said...

McDonald's can be a part of the solution. Give us service fee relief so we can "take care of our people"

Anonymous said...

The sad secret is this- MCD cares more about stockholders income than Owners income. MCD has made the decision to NOT offer SUBSTANTIAL relief (deferral vs abatement),to protect the shareholder dividend. They wouldn't even delay March rents for a measly two weeks! They are using the government supplied PPP bailout to deny any need for true MCD to Operator help. Even Chris K (and Erlinger) have said that they need to take care of "the rest of the world" rather than USA Operators since PPP gives us "enough help already". This in spite of the fact that half of the stores worldwide are in the USA. Any operator who does not see this is myopic and probably believes MCD will "leave no operator behind". Since they have stated that they will consider relief cases on a case by case basis, your P&L better be top tier and your draw minimal to satisfy these sharks. This is NOT the McDonalds of yesteryear.

There IS a solution, our last best chance-
Join the NOA

Hang TOGETHER ,or Hang separately. Its a clear choice


Anonymous said...

Service Fee ??????????????????? LOLOLOLOL I get NO SERVICE as it is!

Anonymous said...

When all this is over and we return to the new "normal" the only thing everyone will remember is how they were treated. How did you treat your team?. How did corporate treat you? . Now we will find out how strong our "family" is.

Anonymous said...

Its a royalty... remember?!

Anonymous said...

Insiders will tell you JOE is the person that leaked the info
to WSJ

LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE - JOE knows what he did & he is saying an
operator leaked it & said so on a national MCD event I WILL NEVER
TRUST HIM AGAIN - someone smarter than me with some clout can
contact WSJ & verify who really leaked the information

STAY STRONG FELLOW OPERATORS - need each other’s back especially at this time

AMERICA has changed

See all 1,200 in DENVER - by then 1,400 STRONG ( not CHARLIE)

Richard Adams said...

"- someone smarter than me with some clout can contact WSJ & verify who really leaked the information"

Thanks for the comment but, what in the world are you talking about? Publications and their reporters don't give up sources! That's a myth spread by companies to control their employees and franchisees.

"Sources" are assets to reporters and they don't share them or reveal their identities. I've been dealing with the media at a very intense level for the better part of twenty years and I've never seen a reporter even come close to burning a source.

I know McDonald's Owner/Operators live in a world of paranoia but this is just a figment of the system's imagination.

By the way, the same goes for Wall Street analysts.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that there are many comments yearning for the McDs of yesteryear. Although this is understandable, it isn’t realistic in today’s Corporate America. The Operators need to rethink what the future of “relationships” means and work towards that model. Throwing punches is a schoolyard solution with no strategic upside.

Anonymous said...

To the above. Thank you Mr Erlinger

Anonymous said...

Ray never built a typical “corporate America. He made a mutually rewarding relationship. Sadly that is nowhere near the case today. and operators who feel like Mr “realistic” above are either myopic, self destructing, or MCD trolls. Go away

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the comment above who callously references “the Operators “ is not a operator at sll.

Anonymous said...

`<<<<<<< Throwing punches is a schoolyard solution with no strategic upside.>>>>

Yeah sure, that's why Erlinger was LIVID on the webcast over leaks. MCD knows that bad PR can negatively effect the stock prices. And since MCD has refused to negotiate in good faith, every sane Owner should applaud the NOAs efforts on their behalf to protect owner equity. MCD caused this, and will reap the consequences. BRING ON THE SCHOOLYARD PUNCHES! (it is our last best choice. We tried negotiation and it failed)

JOIN the NOA -80% of OWNERS already are!

Anonymous said...

There are better strategies to defeat the corporate take-all agenda than schoolyard punches. Look at the Jack in the Box franchisees. How did they get their way repeatedly?

How did the BK and Dunkin franchisee associations get their management changed out to more relationship oriented teams?

The truth is out there. It's not in the room with MCD executives lying about leaks to save their own stock option values.

NOA needs to learn to ignore the suits. NOA does not serve them. It needs to stop believing that it does.

Those MCD suits see this as a zero sum game, not a relationship. Any dollar that an operator gets is a dollar that the MCD suits believe the operator stole from them. If it's not obvious by now, I'm not sure anyone deserves to add the "Owner" to the term "Owner/operator."

Richard Adams said...

Too often the "suits" are treated as if they own the company when they are simply short=term employees.

Much like our politicians who believe every dollar in the U.S. economy belongs to the government, management feels that every dollar of top-line sales belongs to the corporation and management will decide how much the franchisees get to keep.

Anonymous said...

Richard that observation is 100% correct! Owners that operate the actual restaurants create ALL of the wealth of the entire system. Without good tasting food delivered fast, all of the financial engineering in the world will not put a penny in anyone's pocket.

It's time we acted like it.