Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 3, 2020

Bloomin’ Brands CEO Forgoes Salary to Aid Employees

Bloomin’, the parent group behind Outback Steakhouse, Fleming’s, Carrabba’s, and Bonefish Grill


Anonymous said...

On a more iimportant note, we have a filthy rich company that won’t even push back payments for 14 days, approved lenders who refuse to adhere to ppp guidelines, and approved insurance companies who won’t compensate a dime? That’s what I got out out of the email from the NFLA.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the part where the SLT "parents" the NFLA and tells them to keep emotions out of it. If now is not the time to find out the power of the NOA, then when? If our corporate partners are unwilling to partner in an equitable way now, when do we ever expect to be treated fairly? We are the owners, we are on the front lines doing the heavy lifting, we are dealing with customers and crew fear and anxiety daily. Where are you MHQ? 6 ft separation is not even close to the distance between us.

Anonymous said...

Feeling the love of the 3 legged stool yet? Why is it operators are always made to sit on their portion of the leg?

We went with a local bank, as I already read the writing on the wall for PPP. Wasnt in the corporations best interest for businesses to stay a float. And now even those who thought they were in the good gracious of the almighty corporation are learning. Push come to shove, that wheel of change will run their ass over too.

Anonymous said...

Great call to the post above..... Kissing ass to get restaurants seemed great in the short term..... But after interest only goes away..... People stop acting all polite and stuff gets real... having 20 restaurants with the largest debt load of your life and experiencing 30% decreases is not a good position. Good luck. After climbing the mountain and stepping on other operators to get there, was it worth it?

Anonymous said...

Chris K is a cancer with no regard for our history or legacy. HE MUST BE REMOVED

Anonymous said...

"Chris K is a cancer"? Where is he? Seen one video message from him where he had a lady from China operations tell us their story

Anonymous said...

I am glad I have never used a National lender in my 23 yrs. My local lender has been able to supply all my needs and is doing my PPP, I submitted Monday at noon with no issues. Waiting on a response. My needs over the years; 11stores purchased, 2 new stores built, 14 big & small remodels, 2 Houses and 2 office buildings bought & remodeled. I enjoy being a whale in a swimming pool. Maybe you should consider going small the next time out.

Anonymous said...

We must hang TOGETHER as OWNERS, or we will surely hang separately. The situation is critical- Join the NOA, your last best hope!

Anonymous said...

First, operators need to have the business maturity to understand the power that rest in their hands operating the lionshare of restaurants around the world. I never understood why the NOA didn't have a representative going around the world to build a consensus with these markets.

Second, I don't understand the continued support of NFLA and OPNAD - nor the power a representative on these committees have in obligating the entire system financially. "Corporate driven, OPERATOR APPROVED" has been a stymie of the business for decades.

Lastly, operators squabble over removing CHRIS K, yet endure the literally hundreds of "Operator Leaders" in COOP, OPNAD, NFLA, SET, TECH and every other board that literally sell them out EACH AND EVERY DAY. My grandpop use to say, "clean the skeletons in your own closet". It was the hope the NOA, being an OUTSIDE organization - could openly, professionally, and persuasively with the power of membership challenge the questionable decisions, directions of the OPERATOR APPROVED farce we have all grown to know and hate.

Give us THAT, show us THAT - and the NOA membership will skyrocket. Not because operators want to commandeer the system, but to protect our lifelong investment in our business. Quit acting like your scared to make someone mad - its time to piss someone else off other than yourself.

The board has no real power, nor does CHRIS K.. In today's system, its the SHAREHOLDER. Its there the real discussions and presentations must occur. For those that live by the stock price, will ultimately die by the stock price - and influencing the annual stock meeting has to be the goal of everyone.

Want to send a wake-up call - you need a single UNIFIED event. The proverbial, "shot heard around the world". Doesn't have to have a operational or financial impact - but it must demonstrate a unified front. 2020 will be a hard year for everyone. I'm sure there will a large swath of operators that wont survive this shutdown, regardless of the promises made that no one will be left behind. For those that do, will the operator system be stronger for it - or more reliant on false promises of being a equal partner on a 3-legged stool.

Operators are not a leg on that stool - they become the seat every other entity places their ass upon. Whats needed is to wiggle the seat, just so those reliant on its placement know where the true balance lays.

Therefore, I suggest this simple act worldwide - that every restaurant close at NOON December 24th, 2020 and remain closed until 6AM December 26th, 2020. In solidarity of ourselves, in recognition of our people that pulled us through this worldwide pandemic. A symbol of thanks, whatever it takes to convince yourself that this will be the strength of the operator. It should be adopted by the NOA, NFLA, OPNAD - and every McDonald's Association organization around the world from the AON to the WON.

Be interesting to see the traction, not betting on it. Operators are great at pissing and moaning.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I agree with above comment on the Shot heard around the Globe.

I am thinking about closing on Thanksgiving Day this year and Christmas Day as we use to in my youth.