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April 26, 2020

One of the Best McDonald's Commercials Ever

Reminds us of the Food, Folks, and Fun commercials that Paul Schrage and his team 
produced in the 1980s.

                                          Grown Brave - McDonald's - YouTube


Anonymous said...

As restaurant's come out of the crisis in their individual state, operators run head on into corporate strategies to keep Lobbys closed. Even though, many stores are still trying to make payments on what has been seen as worthless reinvestments in the lobby.

COVID-19 shows the strength of the drivethru in the McDonalds business model. While the forced lobby closures show the weakness in McDonald's leadership to come to the side of the operator.

Citing the safety of the operators employee, and the McDonalds supplier, McDonalds Corporate could care less if the operator survived this process.

Still looking to play ball? Theres no I in Team, as theres no U in rewrite or broke either.

Anonymous said...

Will the length of time Lobbys are closed be added on to the 10 year remodel requirement as an extension??????

Richard Adams said...

You guys should be very careful about plans for your dining rooms. As some have mentioned here, there might be stores that do very little inside business and are essentially drive-thru only. And, it seems that the more the Owner/Operators spend on dining rooms the more customers use the drive-thru. Will things like the kiosks ever recover from current events?

Anonymous said...

DA- the disasterous BBV/EOTF/MRP program passed by the incompetent NLC, MANDATED that we are REQUIRED to remodel Lobbies every 10 years!

Anonymous said...

McDonalds “assistance” should be giving us a refund on Kiosk. No one uses them. They are germ collectors. They make service more confusing. It is meant for no DT stores in urban areas. Suburban and rural areas don’t want kiosks. They want customer service. Shocker! We spent all that money on kiosks, all the money on “table locators” and if we just stuck with the $200 investment of Table tents with table service it would be the same effect w/o kiosks.