Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 28, 2020

Owner/Operators Spent Milllion$ Building McCafe for This?


Anonymous said...

And no $2 drink, its like $3.49 for 13oz

So operators paid for the development and advertising the brand... same with PREMIUM coffee, now a $1

Was suppose to be a business in a business. Now its just a drain, with POS (piece of s#it) equipment that wont stay operational, and service calls that dont make it profitable.

Anonymous said...

I predicted this when it launched, as with the future discounting when $1 Any Sized was created. Its like a book thats been written, if operators only knew how to read it.

Operators need to develop a realtime field vote mechanism controlled by a 3rd party. Eliminating the vote capability of NFLA members in financially obligating the system. Removing the shield of OPERATOR APPROVED from the corporate demigods

The system coumd easily have an APP for that voting, allowing real input across the system. The onmy result published is the totals.. given no line data access to the field to intimidate thru rewrites.

Anonymous said...

To the above- the only problem with that idea is WHO COUNTS THE VOTES!

Anonymous said...

This is obvious. It's another way to shift wealth from an perspire to corporate.
McCafe at SVS and Walgreens (or the super makes-stock up with a whole case at home!) give people yet another reason not to come to the restaurants.

Beverages are the highest profit margin that carry a restaurant, particularly when you need that to offset the deep dispcu.nts on food, app freebies, coupon mailers etc.

Not only does corporate directly compete with that to take it away, it limits price on what beverage sales are left in the restaurant.

What idiot allows this to comtinue with this obvious scheme? Us.

NOA needs a new playbook to save us.

Anonymous said...

One MORE Time- The NOA (and the NFLA) have absolutely NO CONTROL over Drink Prices!!!

IF you want to know who to blame, look no further than your OPNAD REP.

OPNAD leads us like Lambs to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Want to get rid of $1ASD? VOTE IT OUT in COOP and OPNAD !!

Anonymous said...

Vote it out, my a#s. You put it on the agenda, and watch your field operations DQ everyone that votes in favor as INELIGIBLE under Operator Participation, which is a pure subjective category.

NOA can easily set the agenda with a member recommended removal date, and the NOA members remove it all at once in more than 70% of the restaurant's. Work together, for youll surely hang separately.

Understand, any operator can keep it as a LSM

Anonymous said...

WHY do we not get a listing of how our OPNAD reps (lackeys) vote?
Everything Corp wants passes if there is no accountability!

Anonymous said...

I imagine the suits in Chicago laugh their tails off when they hear "Operator Lead" or "Owner Driven"

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a copy of the OPNAD bylaws?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how many Co-Ops have "secret" ballots/votes?