Coalition of Franchisee Associations

April 9, 2020

Half of Starbucks U.S. Locations are Closed

And yet McDonald's Owner/Operators are still deep discounting drinks?


Anonymous said...

$1 ASD is ridiculous at this time. OPNAD is simply following MCD lead.The argument to end is "it could be seen as "price gouging" which is absurd. Ending a discount program is NOT gouging.We end discount programs every few months. Meanwhile, operators are bleeding to death in both sales and profits. Clearly MCD does not care.And OPNAD is a pack of fools. (ever wonder why the vote of each individual OPNAD rep is never published? What are they trying to hide?)

Anonymous said...

$1 coffee lets us take market share from all of the closed Starbucks!!!

What a joke of a management team.

Anonymous said...

Cant make stuff up any longer. They dont knkw marketing, just advertising. They learnt one line and like a bromen record.. keep repeating it.