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April 28, 2020

Strange McBedfellows

These days a hearty laugh is hard to come by but it's OK to get a chuckle out of some irony.

In 2017 then McDonald's USA President Chris K. was incensed that Donald J Trump had 
been elected and inaugurated President of the United States. He let loose on his personal Twitter account with liberal insults about the President that would rival the rantings of 
late-night "comedians" like Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert.

After we discussed his tweets on this website they were deleted and eventually the entire Twitter account was expunged.

So it's fun to see that Mr. K has been selected by the Whitehouse to participate in a food-
and beverage-focused panel to advise the administration on the economic recovery.

Will his office be festooned with pictures of himself shaking hands with President Trump? 
Will this be a feature in the 2020 Annual report?

Or, will the left-wing CEO delegate this duty to one of his conservative underlings?

What's that?

There are no political conservatives working for McDonald's Corporation?

Never mind.

Trump taps restaurant executives for ‘Economic Revival’ group - NRN


Anonymous said...

McDonalds Corporation has made the edict that restaurant lobbys will remain closed, and operators still have to pay with continued interest for the EOTF / BBV investments added to that closed infrastructure.

Oh, thank heaven for such leadership. SMH

Anonymous said...

It's OK. Chris K will show up with Trump, but he will sanctify himself by donating our MCPAC money at the maximum amount to the left wingers that want to see us closed for good.

Richard Adams said...

Then why do MCD Owner/Operators contribute to the McPac? Just say NO.

Richard Adams said...

There can be no greater divide in American business than that between the democrats who run the McDonald's bureaucracy and the small business conservatives (who may or may not be Republicans) who actually run the business and interact with consumers. How these two divergent groups could administer the same political action committee is impossible to understand.

Anonymous said...

Richard, theres a few business owners that support the DNC... they dont knkw why, much like they cant fugure a ROI. But they are in the in and cote ridiculously outrageous agendas.

The makeup in the franchise operator field is way different than 20-years ago.

Anonymous said...

When I became an operator in the mid 80's, I was a Democrat. It took me 6 years to see the light and become a conservative Republican. However, the Democrat Party then was not the Socialist Party they have become today.

Anonymous said...

I'm an owner and a democrat. But I don't talk about it because clearly there's no space for debate on this blog.

Anonymous said...

You can be a democrat and not promote policies designed to punish small businesses owners for being successful.

Anonymous said...

One there is no "Democrat Party" and two if you think there are no Republicans working in the HQ for one of the world's largest corporations idk what to tell you. They may be socially liberal, but there's no way there's not a single fiscal conservative in the C-Suite.