Coalition of Franchisee Associations

January 28, 2020

QSR Mag on Kalinowski Research and MCD Owner Comments

McDonald's: New Chicken Sandwich 'Might Blow Your Mind' - QSR magazine



Anonymous said...

I look forward to listening to CFO, Kevin Ozan, pretend he is an operations person on tomorrows earnings call. (8:30 EST)

All while trying to protect Hatchet Man Chris’s reputation to analysts.

Why does the CFO always explain to Wall Street how we run our restaurants? It sure looks like he is the one running the show with no regards to Operator’s bank accounts or equity.

Maybe, Debt Devil Kevin can explain declining individual store results on the call too?

Anonymous said...

Crazy, as are the messages to get YOUR VOICE heard in zone meetings.

Any input is always taken as corrosive, not collaborative. Even ATMCD (accessmcd) has lost its viability as a functional business tool, and more as a narcissistic media conglomerate to get one Zone President's picture online.

Here's a trick... search WebFFS. Nothing? Exactly.

Trade your voice for a INELIGIBLE status, our voice should be the NOA.....

Which seems to have been pacified or nullified.