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January 16, 2020

Impossible Food Costs

Based on supermarket prices Impossible Foods must be giving BK a huge break on
back-door prices. 

Burger King does plant-based value - QSRweb


Anonymous said...

Sales have dropped to unsustainable rates. Im sure the hype is to get MCD to buy in and alleviate BK supply requirements. Dumping those minimum buys on MCD franchisees.

Another damn OPNAD VOTE that will miraculously pass, even though everyone voted no.

Richard Adams said...

Thanks for the link. I'm not too sure where you're going with the McDonald's connection here. As best I can tell from the news there's little or no link between Impossible Foods and McDonald's.

But you are dead on about OPNAD. McDonald's is suffering from severe criticism (both analysts and reporters) for being behind industry trends. Next will come the corporate people who are new to the company telling Owner/Operators that they don't understand the business.

Anonymous said...

That my friend, is already happening. Corp sets their agenda, then attempts to seek numbers and data to support it. Not a sound business model.

McDonalds was in serious discussion with Impossible foods, up unto the writing of the post. It just recently announced (Jan 7) its final decision with Beyond Meat; as Impossible foods stated they couldnt support the rollout (CNET).

Understanding, the lawsuits plaguing Impossible Foods, will hit Beyond, once MCD goes live. As the golden arches are the #1 attraction for civil suits. Not worth the anguish, to sustain drastically low UPTs.

Im sure one off markets like California, may have more sustainable numbers. It will just be waste and shelf place in the rest of the nation. It will cause havoc in the mid-west with US beef producers and their primary market.

To your.point, it will be pushed.. operators dont understand the business. However, isnt it corporate whom hand selects those same operators?

Anonymous said...

Watch, once we do it the "Food Police" will point to the ingredients and say we are selling unhealthy food once again. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Burger King already has several massive lawsuits, from cooking on same grills as meat, to content, and then harmful additives and nutrition levels.

Get ready for the specialized and dedicated grill equipment. I figure the operator investment in the area of $45K, which will be a savings over the legal cost not to have dedicated grills.

Richard Adams said...

Burger King may have screwed up with a slogan that says "100% Whopper, 0% Beef."

Well, that's just not true. Once they place that patty on a broiler that's been cooking beef patties all day the Impossible patty is "contaminated" with beef product. Vegans, who are often fanatics, (yeah, I'm talking to you Paul McCartney) will go nuts over that.

McDonald's of Canada has been smarter in that the only time they mention beef is to disclose that the patty is "Cooked on the same grill as other burgers, meat-based products and eggs".

It appears that the advertising folks at BK don't have to run things past legal.

Anonymous said...

Management will spend our money to appease the far left, who have proven that whatever you do, even commit financial or real suicide for their "causes," will never be enough. You should have suffered more etc.

Virtue signaling should not be a goal of business Es. The #1 goal of every business is to make money. End of story. If a cheap virtue signal helps marketing to make us more money, I''d hold my nose and vote for mit but this isn't cheap and it will derail our core business operation. You know, the ones that drive sales of what our customers buy and reward us with profits for.

Anonymous said...

Don Thompson at Beyond Meat must be foaming at the mouth and drooling over his impending FLEECING of us once Corp forces PLT.

Protect your EQUITY, JOIN the NOA

Anonymous said...

The USA cant sell a sustained item like McRib year round - even if Europe can do it.

Why does it expect to sustain a plant based burger year round - to fill a niche that represents 3% of the consumer burger base? Isn't that the reason we have salads for?

Its already a faild product at BK -

Our issue to better sales isn't ONE OFF ITEMS, nor is it discounting every product.

We need to get faster -

We get faster by menu simplification, and correcting the MADE FOR YOU system, allowing faster access to product. As a owner with OPL, I'm here to tell you - THAT ISNT THE ANSWER EITHER.

McDonald's was made famous by the SPEEDY system. Knowledge our executive leadership no longer possesses. Sadly, neither do some of the larger operator organizations in the system.

Richard Adams said...

IMHO McDonald's Owner/Operators should not worry about getting fleeced by Don Thompson, he's just working a plan developed several years ago. Owners should be worried about current McDonald's executives who may have a well hidden motive for approving Beyond Meat. Thompson can't make that decision, other BYND stakeholders can.

Anonymous said...

Owners should be worried about current McDonald's executives who may have a well hidden motive for approving Beyond Meat. Thompson can't make that decision, other BYND stakeholders can."

MCD management holds about $400,000,000 in Beyond Meat stock, which is exactly why fake burgers will be forced on the Owners as a required product. It doesn't matter if we throw away 90% more than we sell. BYND gets paid for every fake Pattie that they sell us regardless if it ends up in a retail sale or the dumpster. Again, owners are lining the pockets of MCD execs with noting in it for us.