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January 28, 2020

Poultry In Motion

Chick-fil-A’s sandwich war with Popeyes has drained the supply of little chickens


Anonymous said...

Just in time to disappoint our customers with chicken shortages with the new chicken sandwich!

Anonymous said...

We're not going to win this battle WE need to stick with BURGERS AND FRIES!!

Anonymous said...

Our blow in this battle, sticking Mcchicken on a Biscuit. Who'd ever thought after failing the breakfast chicken battle in the past. The brand woukd jump in with the least quality product, firing a savo at competitors better positioned to win.

The brand would of been better off, selling BUTTERMILK CHICKEN PATTY with HOTCAKES.. but no way to put that on a 2 FOR $3.. though Im sure it crossed several senior leadership minds to try. Its the mindset to anything the brand does... how does everyone discount it.