January 14, 2020

These Days a 75% Grade for Quality and Service is OK

Nearly 25% of third-party deliveries disappoint, study finds


Anonymous said...

And the kicker in all this is that when the Order goes south, you get a chargeback, so you are giving the food away for FREE! And of course, MCD still gets rent and service fees on the. Original total.

Anonymous said...

Per OPNAD approved drivethru service vote for 60 second service as COOPs push 2 for $4 breakfast items, $1 McMuffins... and $1 coffee Any Size coffee. Can now be topped off with a free sandwich for missing times and added labor cost trying to save the food cost.

Are you loving it yet? No? Dont worry, next quarter it will be a lunch guarantee, with 2 for $5, with COOP 2 for $4 ADB, $3 basket of fries and BOGO shakes.. 60 seconds! Ready!

The real race... how fast operators get to bankruptcy court, so corporate can buy back those newly renovated stores at pennies on the dollar.