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January 11, 2020

Could Beyond Meat Be a Millionaire Maker Stock?

Call it a conspiracy theory but it would be interesting to know the level at which current 
and former McDonald's Corp. executives are invested in Beyond Meat. 

Though he didn't last very long it's my understanding that Don Thompson was liked and trusted by his corporate cronies. It would have been easy for him to reach back into McDonald's and sell this group of wealthy executives a substantial number of BYND shares, either before the BYND IPO or after. 

It's easy pickings. McDonald's has the authority to approve the vendor for fake meat. McDonald's executives have the power to decide on the scope of the menu and the 
influence to force McDonald's Owner/Operators to spend their advertising money on 
fake meat. 

The McDonald's advertising of fake meat may not sell a lot of sandwiches but it will pump the price of BYND shares. McDonald's execs cash out at the peak and Owner/Operators
and DCs are left with coolers full of Beyond Meat inventory.

Sweet, plus it's modern and progressive.

Will McDonald's Owner/Opertors Make BYND Shareholders Rich? - Motley Fool


Anonymous said...

It sure made Don Thompson millions! I wonder how much clueless Chris owns?

Anonymous said...

Every week I hear something new about FAKE meat and McDonald's - what a mistake! It's coming and no one can talk sense into Clueless Chris to change his mind. What happened to REAL beef?