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October 11, 2019

Wendy's is Serious About Breakfast

Source - Wendy's analyst's meeting - click to enlarge

Wendy's believes this breakfast attempt will work - Restaurant Business

Pork crisis? No problem. - Fortune


Anonymous said...

They just might do it this time-our breakfast share is declining.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if it works for them, it will work against us. This only makes the available pie smaller.

We must be able to give the customer what they want Good Food at Lighting Fast Speed. We as operators need to concentrate on that (Quality & Speed) and not the next unique product. How can we streamline our Operations? Most of us have customers that pass us by because the line is shorter or the service is less of a HASSLE somewhere else. Let’s quit worrying about what McDonald’s will do to Speed us up and make us Hassle free. We must do it ourselves.

If we know better than current leadership how to run Great restaurants (And I Know We Do) then we need to do it. I am not talking about 1 of us I am talking about All of us. One only needs to see where we Rank in the Last 10 QSR mag. Drive Thru surveys. It is time for us to rise up and take ownership of our OWN destiny. Get Back to our Roots.


Anonymous said...

We keep pushing lattes and products our customers don't want and which slow our lines to a crawl. And we are price capped at $2.00 for all of the trouble that they cause.

I believe that I know why we are continually forced to sell lattes that cause us so much damage; MCD needs to prime the pump for bottled iced lattes and cappuccino drinks in grocery and C stores to compete against us. I'm betting that they allow themselves to charge more than $2.