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October 23, 2019

Faster DT - Really???

Does management know what they're talking about here?

McDonald's improves drive-thru times by 20 seconds - Restaurant Dive


McLugNuts said...

Dt times are getting better because every field office in competing each other in a drive thru incentive. They want us to remodel our stores and push all of this cost on us, but what do they go back to pushing for more tc’s? DRIVE THRU- which except for digital menu boards weren’t touched!!! Modern and progressive idiocy. Kiosks are no where near the 35% of in store sales they projected and the magical fc/kiosk delta isn’t nearly as good as promised either!

Anonymous said...

Hey, O/Os let's spend $750,000 of your money rebuilding your lobby then we'll ignore it because, silly us, the drive-thru is what 75% of our customers really care about. How did we miss that? Oh well, at least it wasn't corporate money that you wasted.

Don't worry, that won't stop us from lighting another $500,000 of your money on fire for remodeling the same wasted space for BBV2023! I'll get my bonus that way! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness they menu simplified those fried onions off the menu!

Anonymous said...

What in the Hell is Easterbrook talking about?
We have not simplified any part of the menu!!!!
We have not added anything to the kitchen to make items faster!!!!

We have just focused on DT instead of focusing on Construction ie; Full Store Remodels, Kiosks installs, Drive Thru Menu Boards & other disruptions. We need not lie to the investors, the analysts and most importantly ourselves.

I can not wait to get a little Artificial Intelligence in the DT, then I will say we have actually done something.

Anonymous said...

"Simplifying" the menu by taking off things that we weren't selling isn't such a boost, you know. BTW-why did even that take soooo long?

Anonymous said...

Part of the solution, which will never fly with the PC MCD execs, would be to bring back Styrofoam sandwich clamshells (keeps hotter and longer lasting) and our 32 ounce Styrofoam cups. And KEEP plastic straws!