Coalition of Franchisee Associations

November 13, 2018

Working to Reduce Average Check

I spent much of last week talking with reporters, analysts, and 
McDonald's Operators about the problems created for franchisees 
by the never ending discounting in the QSR industry.

Then, over the weekend, I stopped at a McDonald's drive-thru. 
Pulling into the inside lane I was confronted with a back lit display
box mounted six or eight feet in front of the full menu board. The 
message in the sign was essentially the same as this banner to the
right >.

Riddle me this - you've got me in your drive-thru lane, I'm not going anywhere, why are you suggesting I order your cheapest food? 

Wouldn't an Operator prefer I spend a few more bucks on a signature sandwich meal? 

I remember when increasing the average check was a good thing. 


Anonymous said...

On the new digital ODMB we have NO CONTROL over what appears. Thanks NLC and OPNAD.

And CORP next wants Deloitte to control your menu prices ?

MMGA- JOIN the NOA !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

4 - $6 is just more control of our menu boards basically lowering my EVM's by $1.79 I am not that smart of a math person I just know it takes a whole lot more traffic to make up that lost profit with that much of a price discount. No one to blame but our OPNAD reps. I think corporate marketing people just go behind their closed doors after these things get voted in and just laugh and do high fives saying something like "these O/O's bought it, wow...they are as dumb as they told us"

You want change vote out your OPNAD reps.

Anonymous said...

Or vote with our feet and shut down OPNAD. Why does OPNAD even exist? It's a relic from the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Any insights from your conversations to share? Curious. I've never understood this and it just keeps getting worse. My hands feel tied on this stuff, but don't try to tell anyone that. THEY don't listen!

I have big hopes for NOA... Maybe OPNAD could be shut down... maybe Chris K will be asked to leave?


Anonymous said...

and this new uber eats initiative will help increase average check in rural markets where the delivery folks are just not available and don't accept the request! it is yet another administrative nightmare for the overburdened operator to figure out.