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November 3, 2018

Franchise Times Profiles McDonald's Operator Ken Lopaty

‘New Franchise. McDonald’s. Call Ray Kroc.’


Anonymous said...

My wife and I trained to become operators in Ron and Ken Lopaty's stores in the mid 80's in the SF Valley. A great operation! By the way, Ray died in January, 1984,at the age of 81. That picture of Ray and Ken seems to have been taken much earlier than 1984. They both looked much younger....probably early 70's.

Anonymous said...

To further clarify the date on that photo, the car in the foreground to the left of Kroc is a 1962 Lincoln Continental.The "Over 1 Billion Served" mark on the sign was achieved in 1963. Lopaty looks to be in his mid-30's and he was born in 1930. So my best guess is that the photo was taken around 1965. Ray would have been 62 years old.