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June 25, 2018

McDonald's to Close 13 Year Old Oak Brook Flagship Store

This is the 50th anniversary store opened in 2005. We will see more and more of this kind of real estate wheeling and dealing in the future as McDonald's looks for more ways to return cash to shareholders. This time it involves a McOpCo so there's no franchise agreement to terminate. But, if it was franchised the Operator would have to be bought out or be talked into walking away from the remaining seven years.

A McDonald's isn't always the highest and best use for a property.

With McDonald's moving to Chicago, Oak Brook's 22nd Street restaurant will close Saturday


Richard Adams said...

This appears to be a great store. It's certainly a great location. I've read that the Oak Brook mall is not having the same problems many other malls are having.

And, unless the manager is exaggerating, 80 employees is a big crew these days, is it not?

Anonymous said...

80 is not unusual anymore. I have 2 restaurants over 80 Crew and 2 more that need at least 70.

Richard Adams said...

Thanks for that. I see a lot of articles about particular McDonald's stores closing, either permanently or temporarily, and it's often mentioned that the employees will be put to work in the Operator's other stores. The number of employees mentioned is usually around 40 or 50.