June 17, 2018

Does McDonald's Have a Plan or Just Following BK?

Aside from a click-bait headline this short article does a good job of summarizing 
what's going on in McDonald's. 

Reporters often write about the McDonald's "turn around plan". Sure there's a "plan" 
but it's modeled after what Burger King (Restaurant Brands International) has been 
doing since 2015.

* Refranchisng

* Larger franchisee organizations

* Stripping corporate overhead to the bone (downsizing).

* Maximum cash returned to shareholders

The McDonald's plan is fancier, has more McSpin, but is the same financial engineering.

There's little new here. Wall Street likes what Burger King has been doing so McDonald's 
must do the same.

McDonald's Discovers Employees Get in the Way of Profits

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Anonymous said...

That's exactly right- I think you've had some posts on here highlighting what RBI has done to Tim Horton's and you can't help but see a striking resemblance to the MCD "plan" being executed here in the US now.