May 10, 2017

Unions Support Board Seat For McDonald's Operators?

Another example of how the SEIU has no understanding of the McDonald's system.

Interestingly, the letter currently being sent to McDonald's Operators bears the address of 
the "Owner Operator Information Center". Turns out this address is in lower Manhattan. 

Do they have several floors in a Wall Street high rise? Nope, it's a UPS Store mailbox.

$19.95 a month


Anonymous said...

These people are out of touch with reality. They are completely uninformed about how the relationship works. It boggles the mind. Plus, why and what operators would want a seat on the MCD Board of Directors. Most operators have no idea of what is required to run a world wide Corporation. Anyone who thinks that one board member could veto a marketing plan or change the franchisee agreement is dreaming. Operators should be intensely focused on making money for themselves and making an ROI on their investment. Operators assume a lot of liability that would otherwise be the company's liability but we knowingly assume that liability because of the opportunity to make money. That is the reason we do it. There is no reasonable expectation by operators to become the CEO or a Board Member. Who thinks like that.

Anonymous said...

DA- I think the above comment suggests (proves) that McD Corp folks read this blog.

Richard Adams said...

As for this comment I'm not sure but there's no doubt corporate people keep an eye on this blog. I can tell because I get a lot of comments that don't get posted because they are personal attacks on me (you Operators know what that's like) and are littered with obscenities.

But, as far as the unions are concerned, I would hope that McDonald's Operators and the corporation are on the same page.

If this were a bigger blog all this union stuff would be in the "humor" section.