Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 23, 2017

On Vision 2020

One of the big McDonald's Operator CPA firms is sending around an E-mail concerning
V2020 suggesting that Operators coordinate with their CPA and their bankers on 
developing a plan.

That's great advice. But what about an Operator's legal advisers?

If McDonald's is trying to get Operators to make changes to their existing franchise 
agreements shouldn't Operators have someone look at the impact on the contractual relationship?

As we've discussed before - this is a great opportunity for the more powerful party to 
sneak in substantial changes to the franchise.

McDonald's Operators could be walking into a legal buzz saw.

But if changes are coming to the franchise it's likely that 90% of McDonald's Operators
will not have sought legal advice when McDonald's executives demand they "sign here".


Anonymous said...

If Operators had an independent franchisee association they'd already have a legal,opinion about every change.

Richard Adams said...

The NLC should have had a law firm on retainer for the past 25 years. Not for litigation but just to help in situations like this.

Anonymous said...

Bring back MOOA