Coalition of Franchisee Associations

May 4, 2017

Caution! Union Thugs in the Area

I've delayed mentioning this for two days because the idea that organized labor could
do anything for franchisees is ridiculous. And there's no need to lecture franchisees 
about the dangers of working with unions. If there are franchisees who would do 
so - they're beyond help. 

Everyone's heard the parable about the camel getting his nose inside your tent.

But here it is anyway

McDonald's accused by SEIU of gouging franchisees on rent - Chicago Business Journal


Anonymous said...

The Union was completely wrong and over confident, spent millions of dollars on the "joint Employer" issue. It appears that they just don't have enough intellect. Now, thinking that operators will be their cheer leaders on this silly contrived rent issue allows us to add arrogant and stupid to the low intellect statement. Everyone would like for rents to be lower and labor costs to be lower and utilities to be lower and G&A to be lower, on and on. It isn't going to happen. If they think operators are going to develop a warm spot in their hearts for the labor union and then not resist or encourage our employee's to sign up with those nice but dysfunctional fellows over at the SEIU they really are out of touch with reality.

Richard Adams said...

Persons associated with organized labor would not be sophisticated enough to understand that charging franchisees exorbitant rents is what makes the entire McDonald's corporate business model work. Even if government at some level was able to influence Operator rents McDonald's would find other ways to make up that income. If Operators will allow themselves to be "fined" for not going along with corporate programs anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

McDonalds rents are too high ????? Say it isnt so.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!