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June 12, 2015

McDonald's Plays Politics

Much is being written about the possible political impact of McDonald's new talking-head.
How naive to think one person can solve all of McDonald's political challenges.

Gibbs may have the connections to stop franchisee friendly legislation from reaching the
Federal level but in reality the International Franchise Association has that pretty well

But can he hold the NRLB and the unions at bay? Organized labor has been targeting McDonald's for forty years, first as a serious organizing attempt and today as their highest profile scapegoat.

One guy will not cause the unions to back off. As long as McDonald's is the largest entry
level employer they'll be the union favorite. Gibbs will fool around with the issue, make
a few million $$$, and move on – probably to work as a lobbyist – for organized labor.

By Hiring Robert Gibbs, McDonald's Plays Politics - Forbes

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