June 12, 2015


This has been a Homer Simpson week for me.

My extended family includes a number of people who are
politically liberal. Since liberal policies always fail they've
tried to change their political label to "progressive". To
irritate these folks I still address them as liberals.

But, three months ago McDonald's management began talking about making McDonald's a "modern, progressive burger company". All this time I've been thinking this meant they wanted to be more innovative, dynamic, or forward thinking.

But that's not it. The hiring of Robert Gibbs shows that I've been hearing this wrong. The 
intent is to become more "liberal" politically and philosophically with McDonald's Operators
paying the bills.

I'm thinking about 80% of McDonald's corporate employees would describe themselves as
"liberal" or "progressive". How many McDonald's Operators would describe themselves
as such, 1%?, 5%?

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