June 2, 2015

Discontent Simmers Among McDonald’s Franchisees

The Wall Street Journal reports


Richard Adams said...

Long time McDonald's accounting professional Jeff Quick is quoted in this article.

Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall, but the suits in Oak Brook refuse to admit it and the NLC is too cowardly to address it.
FACT - 80% of our sales come from 15 menu items.
FACT- the remaining 20% of sales comes from 97 menu items.
FACT- It is Impossible to serve quality, good tasting FRESH food with 110 plus menu items !!! (our crews are not Supermen !)

The solution is clear.We have to stop trying to be all things to all people. We need to concentrate on the 80%, and eliminate the vast majority of the 97 ancillary menu items. Only then will be be able to deliver the Gold Standard Experience to our customer. But McD is too GREEDY to eliminate any items that bring in even only pennies more in sales. We have complicated ourselves into meritocracy. The system will continue to decline until this is realized. Sadly, the "leaders" are not that operationally aware. We may be doomed.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton to fast food workers: 'I want to be your champion'

By Brian Mahoney

6/7/15 10:00 AM EDT

Updated 6/7/15 10:50 AM EDT

DETROIT — Hillary Clinton told a conference of fast food workers Sunday that she supported their push for a $15 minimum wage, saying “I want to be your champion.”

Appearing by phone at a meeting of 1,300 workers, Clinton voiced her most emphatic support yet for the nationwide Fight for $15 movement, which is also seeking to unionize fast food giants like McDonald’s.

Boy that money McD paid for "a seat at the DNC table" sure is paying off, isnt it??


Anonymous said...

She must have friends on the Los Angeles City Council which just passed the $15 minimum wage. But not to worry....McOpCo will pay $16.