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May 20, 2015

Union Thugs Helping Franchisees?

Most have heard about the Service Employees International Union's (SEIU) intrusion into
the franchise business by pretending to care about the interests of franchisees. The SEIU
has somehow involved itself in the proposed franchise legislation in California.

Make no mistake, the SEIU is not interested in the welfare of franchisees of any brand.
All the SEIU wants to do is organize and rip-off the employees of franchisees.

Therefore, Franchise Equity Group and this website will have nothing to do with any legislation, lobbying, or advocacy in which the SEIU or any branch of organized labor is 

also a participant.

What might have been a good idea 100 years ago has devolved into the evil underbelly of
our economy and culture. The SEIU, organized labor, or their friends will find no support



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Adams could not agree more the SEIU has one agenda collect more union dues to feed their machine and line their pockets, they do not provide jobs, business growth or any value to anyone they only take money. Although as an operator it is tempting to buy into to their rhetoric they only have one goal and it is not about workers, franchisees or anything else that does not make them money first and foremost. I am also not against an organization making money if they provide a service which they barely do but they are deceptive, misleading and someone I would never want expressing my concerns as an employee, business owner or franchisee.

Anonymous said...

This is all about "Union Dues" nothing more. Any operator that allows the SEIU even a minor look at our situation is making a huge mistake. If contacted contact OAK BROOK Legal right away. Certainly, if the union knew some of our issues they could create lots of noise and bad publicity but none of it would be good for the operator community.

Anonymous said...

I'd think twice about running to Oak Brook legal. That might just put a target n your back. You might end up with a swat team of corporate lawyers up in your business. Maybe it would be better just to ignore any union goons.