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May 21, 2015

McDonald's CEO 'Incredibly Proud' of Pay Hike

McDonald's CEO 'Incredibly Proud' of Pay Hike -


Anonymous said...

MCD has never been in such a reactive position. MCD has always acted to control its own destiny. The disgraceful lack of leadership by the MCD board of Directors and top management represents total lack of concern and incompetence. To say that we are now following the lead of Burger King is OK with me because we need to do something and this is better than what has been going on in recent years. However, we have seen no timelines as to when plans are scheduled to be implemented. It is time to stop talking about a turn around and start doing it. While former CEO's are enjoying the millions taken out of MCD for their retirement we are left with trying to remedy their mistakes and lack of leadership. It is time to change the board of directors, release all non performing layers of middle management and the operators need to demonstrate more leadership ourselves and take a united stand to protect the business. We must learn to say "NO". Build LSM programs. Be more confrontational and stop doing things we know are not good business decisions. MCD needs to put down their clipboards and listen.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how they are so proud of giving a pay raise and at the same time unloading majority of their stores on operators...