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May 5, 2015

McDonald’s Borrows To Pay Shareholders

McDonald’s Joins Companies Irking Bondholders for Equity’s Sake - Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

Is there any move that McD. Leadership is going to make that makes sense. You piss off your Operators, you piss off the Bond Holders to help your Share Holders and you continue to piss off your Customers. Then as Sales, Profit & Share price continue to slide you Royaly Piss off the Share Holders. Yelp, Seems like you have gotten to everyone.

This Logic seems perfect to me, Perfectly DUMB.

Anonymous said...

I do Not want to be "Fast Casual". I want to be the McD. I grew up with. No I do not want to go back to the 70's, I just want us to find our soul. We have Sold it for a bunch of Majic beans.

I want to be Fun again, cater to the Kids with Goofy Characters.
I want to have Media that is not embarrassed to put the Arches out there & Sell food.
I want to sell Food that Taste Great & is Healthy.
I want to be Fast & Friendly with a Menu that is not flooded with 1 offs and slow moving items.
I want to have a McD partner more concerned for me that the Social issues of the world.
I want to have a Fair return on my investment.

Most of All I want to be as Proud today as I was from 1971 to 2011 of the World's Greatest Resturant Company.
But I guess that is only a dream in a far away land some where over the rainbow.

Anonymous said...

The shareholders have taken the operators leg on the three legged stool